April 12, 2007

Signiant Announces Native Integration with Avid TransferManager on Avid Editing Systems

Burlington, Mass. - Signiant Inc., a developer of digital media distribution management solutions for the media and entertainment industry, has announced that users of Avid nonlinear editing systems with Avid Standalone TransferManager can take advantage of Signiant’s digital media distribution management software.  
The native integration of Signiant’s Digital Media Distribution Management Suite into the Avid TransferManager client will be demonstrated for the first time at NAB on the Signiant booth (booth number SU9027).
“Today, in a typical nonlinear editing workflow, whether for broadcast or post, when it comes time to move content, users are at the mercy of the speed, security, and quality of the network link," Tom Ohanian, Signiant’s VP of product management, explains. "They will typically have no way of monitoring or managing the available bandwidth or affecting its impact on the transmission of their files. With the integration of Signiant’s technology into Avid Standalone TransferManager, users not only benefit from Avid TransferManager’s background transfer capabilities and intelligent handling of sequences, but now they can prioritize the transfer of their files with respect to other traffic demands.”
With Signiant’s active bandwidth management features, users are able to monitor and prioritize transfers in real time from a central Web-based management console, integrated into the Avid editing system’s interface. Signiant’s digital media distribution management solution also includes encryption, authorization, and user authentication features to secure and protect digital assets in-transit from piracy and data corruption. The Signiant Digital Media Distribution Management Suite also provides proof of origin and certified delivery features.