April 10, 2007

Bluefish444 Debuts 2K| Lust Video Card at NAB 2007

S. Melbourne, Australia - During the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference and exhibition in Las Vegas next week, Bluefish444 will demonstrate its new 2K| Lust video card.
2K | Lust features I/O support for 2K film resolution via High Speed Data Link (HDSL) for integration with telecine and film scanning devices, real-time hardware scaling, cropping, and color processing and real time SDI monitoring of HSDL output.  
2K|Lust is a free software upgrade to HD | Lust HD 4:4:4 video card. Symmetry -- Bluefish444’s DI, acquisition, review, and playout software which is bundled free with Bluefish444 hardware -- has been upgraded to support the new features of 2K|Lust.    
2K|Lust features: 
-- 2048x1556 resolution at HSDL frame rate for telecine and film scanners 
-- 2048x1080 resolution at 24p/psf frame rate for digital cinema 
-- Additional monitoring BNC connector for simultaneous real-time scaling (up and down conversion), cropping, windowing, aspect ratio correction, and 3:2 pull down of the 2K output signal,(including HSDL and Panavision) as HD SDI or SD SDI, including widescreen
-- 3 x 1D dedicated LUTs for viewing LOG images as Linear and for color calibration on an HD/SD broadcast monitor
-- VANC (digitized 3 line VITC) support for time code and key code within the SDI signal
-- A feature control application to set the hardware scaling, panning, and windowing parameters and the loading of anti-log files
2K | Lust overcomes color banding issues encountered when monitoring fine gradation images on 8-bit DVI devices, as well as offers the ability to calibrate the film image output to 10-bit SDI monitors.  
The company will provide 2K | Lust and 2K Symmetry to current HD | Lust customers via a free software upgrade, ensuring they won't need to alter their existing HD Lust hardware configurations.
The 2K | Lust and Symmetry software upgrade for current customers will be available as a free download from the Bluefish444 Website in the second quarter of 2007. Thereafter, 2K | Lust and Symmetry will ship as standard, replacing the currently available HD | Lust and creating a new Bluefish Technologies flagship product.