Worth Noting
Barbara Robertson
April 8, 2015

Worth Noting

“One of the things I’m most proud of is the music in  Home, ” says Tim Johnson, who directed the DreamWorks animated feature. “I worked with Rihanna (and Stargate), who wrote eight original songs for the film. The songs influenced the way we cut the picture. I love music in many forms; I knew pop music should be part of the movie. Then we cast Rihanna, and she got excited about her role in it.”

The theme of the mother-daughter relationship between Lucy [Jennifer Lopez] and Tip [Rihanna] is “Feel the Light,” which Lopez sings.

“The song doesn’t play in the movie until an hour in,” Johnson says, “but you will hear the score. The orchestra plays the melody three minutes into the movie. So by the time we hear the song, it feels like it’s part of the soul of the movie.”

Barbara Robertson (BarbaraRR@comcast.net) is an award-winning writer and a contributing writer for CGW.