Reallusion Partners with Allegorithmic, Indigo on iClone 6
March 5, 2015

Reallusion Partners with Allegorithmic, Indigo on iClone 6

SILICON VALLEY, CA – Reallusion has partnered with Allegorithmic and Glare Technologies to bring professional 3D texturing and photorealistic rendering to iClone 6.

The newly added support for Allegorithmic Substances and the Indigo Renderer has made the 3D animation package even more viable for previsualization, short film, and gaming projects. iClone 6 gives artists freedom from many of the constraints tied to the traditional 3D scene creation and rendering process, including a faster, DirectX-11 real-time creation environment with full lighting and camera workflow, so artists can experiment before they hit the render button.

Once they are ready, Indigo RT will now provide physically based rendering quality to their animation pipeline, a dramatic GPU-accelerated, photorealistic improvement to the previous system. As a time-saver, artists can also download shaders from Indigo’s free library, or even auto-convert 3D object materials into shaders before applying them to their scenes. 

Substance compatibility adds dynamic textures to objects and environments, including aging, metal corrosion, wood stains and more with easy-to-use sliders that allow artists to dial in the right look for their models. Already an industry-standard for game development, Substances can also be exported into Allegorithmic’s texture creation package, Substance Designer for further tweaking and refinement. 

iClone 6 is available now for Windows. It can be purchased at the Reallusion store for the standard list price of $99 or a PRO price of $199. Standard upgrades are $59, while PRO upgrades are $119.