Unity Technologies Showcases Unity 3.5, Partners
March 5, 2012

Unity Technologies Showcases Unity 3.5, Partners

SAN FRANCISCO — Unity Technologies (www.unity3d.com), provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools, is demonstrating advancements in its technology at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). Unity 3.5 includes powerful new features.
"We're incredibly excited about the release of Unity 3.5 and look forward to showing off all of the huge steps forward we've taken in the last year," says David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies. "We've come so very far, yet we constantly strive to improve Unity in ways that make it better for developers from all sectors of the industry. Some of the sneak peeks we're showing at GDC are sure to blow the development community away."

At Unity's Partner Pavilion, companies including Electrotank, Exit Games, Nukotoys, PlayHaven, Qualcomm, Reallusion, Rival Theory, Vostopia, and Xaitment are demonstrating complementary technologies and products. The booth also features several games, including Extend Interactive's So Many Me, Gamerizon's Chop Chop Ninja 2, Luma Arcade's Bladeslinger, Madfinger Games' Shadowgun: Deadzone and Smart Bomb Interactive's Sky Legends.

Unity 3.5 and the future animation technology will be among the many topics discussed at this year's Unity Developer Day taking place on Tuesday, March 6. 

Session topics include:
Creating Retargetable Animation Assets with Unity 
Content Creation for Unity Using Modo 
Microtransactions: A Love Story 
Hands-on Overview of Unity 3.5 and Major New Features from a Production Viewpoint 
Shuriken Particle System by Unity 
Mothhead by Massive Black: Using Unity as an Artist 
Unity for Artists 
Introduction to Editor Scripting 
Substance, Smart Texturing for Unity 
Using Unity for Flash Game Development

For more on the Unity Developer Day, visit http://schedule.gdconf.com/session/13473322/.