Vision Game Engine Goes Mobile
March 7, 2011

Vision Game Engine Goes Mobile

Eningen, Germany - Trinigy, a 3D game engine provider, announces “Vision on the Go” to support the development of games that can be played on the go.
The new strategy will drive Trinigy’s development of mobile- and handheld-specific versions of its Vision Game Engine, as well as advance its WebVision technology for browser-based gaming. Trinigy officially put the strategy into action at GDC 2011, where it publicly displayed browser-based games built with WebVision, as well as privately demonstrated prototypes of games built for iOS and another soon-to-be-announced handheld gaming device.

Engineered for modularity and cross-platform performance, the Vision Engine’s mature technology has already been used to create graphically immersive 3D games on most major gaming platforms, including Windows (DX9-11), Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, XBLA, PSN, and WiiWare.

The new strategy--which unofficially began with the launch of Trinigy’s WebVision technology for browser-based game development last summer--now extends that same mature, flexible technology to developers working on games for smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices. Development has already begun on an iOS version of the Vision Game Engine, as well as a version that supports a soon-to-be-announced handheld device.

“We’ve always believed that technology should enhance, not hinder, creativity in game making, which is why we’ve built such a modular, cross-platform technology,” says Felix Roeken, general manager at Trinigy. “Our mobile strategy is designed to offer developers of browser-based, mobile and handheld games the same performance, the same flexibility–the same limitless freedom–our technology and support provide to PC game and console game developers.”