NeuroSky Demonstrates Brainwave Integration at GDC
March 3, 2011

NeuroSky Demonstrates Brainwave Integration at GDC

San Jose, Calif. - NeuroSky, dedicated to taking brain-computer interface (BCI) technology into mainstream gaming, is has announced its consumer-priced MindWave solution and new tools for in-depth app development, including the ability to understand how video games impact the user.
GDC attendees will have a chance to experience how developers are embarking on the next revolution in gaming through brainwave integration. BCI Technology promises to revolutionize the traditional gaming paradigm, by enhancing interactivity, increasing the mental benefits of game play, in providing direct brain-to-device control, the ability for games to adapt to the players' mental states, and using insight into the brain for personal evolution.

Inside NeuroSky's booth, developers will have the opportunity to experience the following:
MindWave Bundle - This new headset and software package allows the wearer to harness the power of their brainwaves. Game players can move objects with their minds, monitor attention levels, measure their degree of relaxation state and "work out" their brain! The MindWave applications will also be on display.

Buy MindWaves - For the first time, the long awaited MindWave will be available for purchase in the USA and will be sold onsite in the NeuroSky booth for $79. Show attendees will receive a discount.

Mobile Station for Developers - At this station, the games available for mobile devices will be shown. Sample and partner applications will showcase the broad opportunities for integrating NeuroSky's ThinkGear technology from PC to Mobile games.

Puzzlebox Jigsaw - Puzzlebox Jigsaw enables designers to adjust gameplay for maximum impact, evaluate reactions to plot and character development, streamline play testing, and accelerate-time to-market. This is your brain - this is your brain on todays hottest counsole games. How are players brains impacted by gaming? Come find out. An integrated neurofeedback and neuromarketing tool, the Puzzlebox Jigsaw is a market research solution for video game and advertising content production. Jigsaw combines a NeuroSky headset with a dedicated hardware component to overlay live video streams with realtime visualizations of measurements plus an online service for conducting studies and analyzing data.

Developer Kiosk - This kiosk will allow for in-depth discussions about how to develop with BCI technology for people interested in making applications integrating NeuroSky's technology.

BrainAthlete - Powered by NeuroSky, the BrainAthlete system is the first sports training unit available for general consumers to track an athlete's level of concentration, helping them find their "zone." Those with the highest scores will have the opportunity to win MindWave headsets. Visitors to the NeuroSky booth will compete for the highest score and the winners will receive a free MindWave.

Myndplay - MyndPlay is the world's first multi platform mind controlled media player which allows viewers an engaging, innovative new level of gaming interactivity. Myndplay gives the user the ability to interact with and control the direction outcome of a video or movie using only their minds. This new media platform will revolutionize interactive advertising, movie and video content by truly immersing the viewer into the brand, storyline and the characters by allowing them to direct or influence the outcome just by relaxing and focusing, they choose who lives and dies, whether the bad guy or the good guy wins, or whether or not the hero is able to keep cool enough to keep the attention of a beautiful girl. Whether they want to or not, their mind will determine what happens. MyndPlay will also be launching their first two short interactive films, which include a horror based on the Exorcist and a British gangster movie designed to test the viewer's ability to hold their nerve when the going gets tough.