Silicon Studio Creates an Umbrella Brand, Demonstrates Technology at GDC
March 11, 2010

Silicon Studio Creates an Umbrella Brand, Demonstrates Technology at GDC

San Francisco, Calif. - Silicon Studio Corporation, a provider of digital content creation tools for the entertainment industry, is creating an umbrella brand for its proprietary series of real-time graphics middleware for game developers, which Silicon Studio is exhibiting at the Game Developers Conference 2010 (GDC10).
In the exhibition hall where many technology providers display their offerings, Silicon Studio is showing next-generation graphics featuring the “Seven Lucky Gods (Shichifukujin)” unit that enables previously unimaginable visual expressions, says a company representative.

The Seven Lucky Gods include “DAIKOKU: Advanced Shader Pipeline,” “YEBISU: Pithy Post Effect,” as well as the real-time 3D VFX tool, “BISHAMON,” that can be incorporated into middleware. In addition to relieving programmers from the burden of creating their own graphic drawing mechanisms, these tools help improve the drawing performances. These tools have been developed based on the actual shop floor requirements and expertise of experienced developers focusing on multiplatform portability and expandability to offer an exceptional development efficiency and scalability.

The Silicon Studio booth introduces GDC10 visitors to the world of overwhelming real-time graphics through a naked-eye 3D LCD panel, courtesy of NEC LCD Technologies Ltd. The “MotionPortrait” technology that generates realistic 3D facial animation from still images will also be featured with this demonstration.

Silicon Studio intends to expand and further develop the Seven Lucky Gods brand family tools in its quest to bring the “Gods of Fortune” to the game development arena and the overall game market. Using the GDC 2010 as a takeoff board, Silicon Studio expects to expand domestically developed technologies to overseas markets and to propose process improvements to game developers who are eager to further streamline their activities.