Preview Available with NeuroSky’s Brain to Computer Interface Technology at GDC
March 15, 2010

Preview Available with NeuroSky’s Brain to Computer Interface Technology at GDC

San Jose, Calif. - GDC attendees experienced how developers are embarking on the next revolution in gaming through brainwave integration. In addition, they viewed the unveiling of NeruoSky’s new bio-command features and next generation of headset, specifically designed for gamers. NeuroSky also announced a developer program, to support third-party developers in creating new applications or enhancing current games.

Applications available for demonstration were provided by a number of NeuroSky’s partners, including PlayLab, Roll7, MindGames, Lumosity, First Hill Media, InteraXon and Acclair. These games included iPhone and mobile games, serious games, casual games, educational games and neuro-marketing applications.

Though small, last year’s NeuroSky booth was one of the most popular in the entire GDC conference, with consistently long lines for game demos throughout the conference and garnering significant attention from key media outlets, says a representative.

NeuroSky’s BCI ThinkGear chip is most well known for its use in Mattel’s extremely successful Mindflex and Star Wars Force Trainer by Uncle Milton. Both of these toys sold out during the 2009 Christmas season. The Mattel Mindflex also received People’s Play Award, “Best Toy of the Year,” and was rated one of the top five toys for Christmas by Bloomberg.

The BCI technology is not limited to games. NeuroSky technology is now being incorporated into products as various as automotive, healthcare, education industries, and more. It’s obvious that, with such universal innovation, NeuroSky’s games and other applications are sure to have an impact in a variety of arenas in the coming years, continues the company representative.