Poser Pro 2010 Debuts at GDC 2010
March 12, 2010

Poser Pro 2010 Debuts at GDC 2010

Aliso Viejo, Calif. - Smith Micro Software Inc.’s Productivity and Graphics Group has launched Poser Pro 2010, the fastest way for professional artists and production teams to add 3D characters to their projects. Poser Pro 2010--with more than 2.5 gigabytes of ready-to-use content, such as pre-rigged, textured 3D characters--saves users time and development resources to turn complex ideas into three-dimensional reality.

Poser Pro 2010 simplifies the work of designing characters from start to finish with features such as a Talk Designer, Walk Designer, Morph Brush, Face Room, and Dynamic Hair and Cloth Tools.


“Used as a standalone character animation system or as a key component in a larger production pipeline, Poser Pro 2010 makes it easy for content creation professionals to add 3D characters to their projects,” says Steve Cooper, senior product manager of graphics solutions for Smith Micro Software. “Fundamental to Poser Pro 2010 is the ability to integrate characters within other popular applications such as 3DS Max, Maya and Cinema 4D using the industry-standard COLLADA. Artists can create 3D humans, monsters, robots, or animals using Poser’s custom character tools and then seamlessly populate scenes and landscapes. The ability to easily create characters for use in multiple applications offers greater flexibility and enables Poser Pro users to reduce time and resources in the development cycle.”


New features include:

Enhanced User Interface

New Content Management System

New Indirect Lighting

Improved Rigging System

New Figures

More than 1GB of New Content

New Render PSD layers

New Dependent Parameter Tool

New Cross-Body Part Morph Tool

New StuffIt Connect and Facebook image uploading

New Physically Correct Light Falloff

New Tone Mapping and Exposure

New Normal Mapping

New Wardrobe Wizard

New wxPython Support


Poser Pro 2010 is priced $499.99 with upgrades from the previous version of Poser Pro priced at $199.99. 


Users who have purchased both a license for Poser 8 and for Poser Pro can upgrade to Poser Pro 2010 for $50 by March 31, 2010. On April 1, 2010, this upgrade price will increase to $70. Existing Poser 8, 7, 6 users can purchase Poser Pro 2010 at a special price of $249.99.