March 25, 2009

Havok Middleware SDK

Havok, provider of interactive software and services to digital creators in the games and movie industries, has unveiled the newest addition to the company’s portfolio: Havok AI. On display in Havok’s booth at GDC (Exposuite #154) at GDC, Havok AI provides developers with solutions to perform pathfinding and advanced character interaction in highly dynamic game environments. In game development, pathfinding is a technology used to allow game characters to navigate through their environment.
Havok AI is architected from the ground up to deal with the sheer scale of characters and dynamics of cutting-edge games. By using Havok AI, developers can improve the performance of their AI runtime systems and save time in production and development, driving down costs while helping developers raise the bar for their gaming audience, says a representative.

Havok AI is available as part of Havok 6.5, which includes Havok’s software products and tools. Havok technology can now be found in over 200 games worldwide, with 75 additional releases slated for 2009.

Havok tools accelerate the development of cross-platform, innovative electronic games and special effects for film.