March 26, 2009

Havok Cloth

Havok, a provider of interactive software and services to digital creators in the games and movie industries, is showcasing Havok Cloth. The company is calling it an industry-changing, technical breakthrough in real-time clothing simulation, enabling movie-quality cloth to be seen on in-game characters. The first games to feature Havok Cloth are launching in Spring 2009.
Havok Cloth is a platform-optimized run-time SDK and tool set that significantly increases the realism of game characters and environments by enabling character designers to add true-to-life, physically-based motion to garments, environmental objects, and other deformable items like hair, bellies, or tails. Havok Cloth also minimizes the time that artists spend on animating the behavior of character garments and environmental cloth in games.

Released in March 2008, Havok Cloth was created to give artists dramatically increased control in the design process, resulting in more engaging and believable characters and a more realistic interactive experience for gamers. Havok Cloth is built on Havok’s modular suite of run-time technology and artists tools and features out-of-the-box integration with Havok Physics, Havok Animation, and Havok Behavior, as well as into existing internal architectures.