March 31, 2009

Dell Precision Workstations

GDC 2009 - Dell has unveiled the Dell Precision T7500, T5500, and T3500 tower workstations. Among the first workstation lines to ship with Intel Xeon 5500 “Nehalem,” the Dell Precision T5500 and T7500 deliver up to 90 percent better multithreaded application performance. The new systems are purpose-engineered for professionals in engineering, media, entertainment, biosciences, exploration, economic modeling, and risk analysis.
Designed for performance, reliability, and scalability, the three new Dell Precision tower systems are available for order now at and include:

Dell Precision T7500-- The most powerful Dell workstation offers with performance and scalability, up to two quad-core processors, 192GB of three-channel DDR3 ECC memory at 1066 or 1333MHz3, dual native Gen 2 PCIe x16 graphics slots with up to 450 watts (two 225W or single 300W), and supports Nvidia SLI technology without a riser. With more than 1 billion configuration options, the system starts at $999.

Dell Precision T5500 -- The T5500 offers dual socket Intel Xeon performance in a small footprint system with memory capacity of up to 72GB3 and graphics slots that scale up to 300 watts (two 150W or single 225W), starts at $1,620 .

Dell Precision T3500 -- Offering a balance of performance, scalability, and affordability, the T3500 features up to 24GB DDR3 ECC memory and an integrated memory controller, resulting in low latency and excellent application performance. It starts at $1,800.

Dell partners with at least 35 leading independent software vendors (ISVs) to test and certify compatibility for 90 applications in areas such as mechanical computer aided design, architecture, engineering, construction, digital content creation, biosciences, financial services, and oil and gas. Broad-based ISV certification helps customers create a complete, customized solution for the specific single- or multi-threaded application they use.

Product features of the Dell Precision T3500, T5500 and T7500 include:
- Intel QuickPath, Direct Cache Access help significantly improve performance;
- Intel Turbo Mode is designed to adapt processor speed based on application needs;
- E-SATA port for fast external storage;
- 1.5TB hard-drives for generous local storage;
- Dual and quad monitor support, DisplayPort connectors;
- Support for NVIDIA Tesla GPU compute solutions (T5500 and T7500);
- Nvidia NVS 295, Nvidia QUADRO FX 580, FX 1800, FX 3800, FX 4800, and FX 5800 (T5500 and T7500) graphics card; and
- ATI FIREPRO V3750, V5700, and V8700 graphics cards.