April 1, 2009

DX Studio

GDC 2009 - Pinewood Studios-based software developers Worldweaver Ltd. have revealed the final details of what can be expected in the upcoming release of its games and simulation-platform DX Studio.
A key new feature for Version 3.1 is an advanced terrain and shadow mapping system which allows users to create massive seamless outdoor environments. The design moves beyond the traditional height field and, due to the use of a freeform mesh-based approach, allows for overhanging cliffs, caves, and vertical terrain. Other new features for the 3.1 release include an integrated Web browser with Flash support, hardware-skinned meshes, and shadows, an expansion of the PhysX capabilities, Wiimote support, and resource management and file-sharing systems for larger projects. DX Studio v3.1 is now in public beta stage and is due for full release in early May.