March 25, 2009

Autodesk Middleware

Autodesk Inc. has announced new versions of its two runtime technologies for the game engine, Autodesk HumanIK 4 animation middleware and AutodeskKynapse 6 artificial intelligence (AI) middleware. Autodesk's high-performance middleware solutions are flexible, production-proven and backed by solid support, says a representative. The products have been adopted for at least 100 triple-A titles, including FIFA 09 and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
Autodesk Kynapse middleware is a leading AI solution for game development
and real-time simulations. With this middleware, developers can
conveniently breathe life into games with characters that have spatial
awareness, dynamic 3D pathfinding capabilities and team coordination.

Kynapse 6 delivers new features that make it easier for game engineers to
integrate the software and get results.
- Remote Debugger: The new remote debugging tool enables users to inspect
the state of the game variables, with an interactive 3D view of the debug
information. Users can also record and replay sequences, while retaining
access to the data in the recorded files
- New 3D Pathfinding Technology: The "flat" pathfinding technology
introduced in this release offers simplified data generation workflows,
more flexible runtime data streaming, and the ability to add new paths
on-the-fly at runtime.
- Improved MMO support: Data resources and runtime services can now be
shared across multiple Kynapse worlds, improving support for Massively
Multiplayer On-line games
- Enhanced Dynamic 3D Pathfinding: With improved CPU performance and
granular control over memory consumption, characters can more easily avoid
dynamic, movable obstacles
- Hierarchical 3D Pathfinding: Characters can now plan paths that span the
entire breadth of huge maps, even when those maps cannot be loaded in their
entirety. The path is first computed at a low level of detail, and then
refined opportunistically when more detailed data becomes available,
keeping memory usage within set limits