March 25, 2009

Ambitious Console Contender

Neil Young, CEO and founder of ngmoco, headlined the 2009 Game Developers Conference Mobile (GDC Mobile) this week, with a keynote presentation titled “Why the iPhone Just Changed Everything.” Young, in his keynote, declared the iPhone the most exciting innovation of the last year and explored the opportunity Apple’s device and the ecosystem offers. Adding to the iPhone excitement, Qualcomm’s Mike Yuen and Zeebo’s John Rizzo co-presented a featured talk, unveiling a new gaming device, which they are deeming the fourth console aimed at emerging international markets.
Young contends that the introduction of iPhone and the class of devices it represents is as important a game changer as the definitive inflection points in the games industry, such as the introduction of all of the key consoles and gaming devices. With far reaching impacts on publishing, distribution, and development, he said, the iPhone has merged the best of mobile, with traditional games and then added new media economics.