March 25, 2009

3D Stereo

Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, People, Sports Illustrated, and Time Magazine will all cover the latest 3D news in special features during the last week of March. 3D images will be supporting the stories and more than 16 million 3D glasses have been produced to be distributed together with the magazines. The 3D system used to make this possible is called ColorCode3D and is the same system used for the 3D commercials during this year’s Super Bowl when more than 130 million ColorCodeViewers (3D glasses) were distributed to American households.
ColorCode 3D has been used to reach a wide audience in high-profile 3D projects for print, TV broadcast, and Web content. 3D gaming can be next. For the gaming industry, ColorCode 3D has developed the ColorCodeEncoder SDK (middleware), which implements the same technology as used for the major events above and makes it possible to release 3D Stereo games on existing gaming platforms, such as Xbox360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, or PC and reach the majority of gamers without any extra hardware investments. GDC attendees can see the technology first hand in booth #5206 NH.