Lenovo Makes Free Offer for Remote Workstation Users
April 2, 2020

Lenovo Makes Free Offer for Remote Workstation Users

Given the global climate, the world’s workforce is being told to stay home, but keep things moving forward – without compromising productivity or progress. For some, that is as simple as dusting off their home office space and bringing home their laptop. But for those with workflows that demand high-end power, bringing work home is not as simple – and can pose security risks and a severe loss in performance.

To supply the remote workforce with the power their work demands, Lenovo is offering a free 120-day license of Mechdyne’s TGX Remote Workstation software, providing:

Maximum Productivity: This software leverages NVIDIA Quadro GPUs to remove performance deltas to take advantage of the built-in video encoder to compress and send information from the host workstation to the end-point device to decode. This eliminates lag on complex and detailed application files.

Increased Performance: Teams can share powerful, high-end workstation resources across the business, easily dialing-up performance and powerful GPUs from their standard workstation and collaborate remotely with coworkers around the world.

Optimized Manageability: Users keep data and company IP secure onsite, while reducing the risk of data breaches and remotely administering computer hardware assets from anywhere, anytime.  

Users can install the trial on their host workstation and the receiver software for their local device to access their applications and projects as if they were in-office without restrictions.