Launches 'Work from Home' series to Help Transition to Remote Workflow
March 24, 2020 Launches 'Work from Home' series to Help Transition to Remote Workflow

NEW YORK CITY — has launched a new “Workflow From Home” series, hosted by global SVP of innovation, Michael Cioni. The new video series was developed as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak and transition to home offices.

The “Workflow From Home” training series is specifically designed to help teams who’ve been working in brick-and-mortar facilities quickly transition to a remote workflow. While productions may have ground to a halt, consumers still want to keep watching new shows, and studios need to find ways to keep putting them out. The craving for content might be stronger now than ever before. 

The series helps identify the steps needed to shift from an on-premises workflow with centralized network storage to one that’s based either partially, or entirely, in the cloud, Cioni explains.

The guide features an intro from Cioni. The first episode, “Setting up at Home,” will cover everything from editing, to visual effects, to conforming, color grading and mastering in the cloud. The series will also look at the differences between entirely cloud-based and hybrid cloud workflows, and what might be best for your workflow.

The video will offer tips on how to determine internet bandwidth; how to upload and organize assets in; and share assets and collaborate with a team. has created a microsite (, which will be updated weekly with new videos exploring how to enable a remote workflow from start to finish.

Michael Cioni and CEO Emery Wells are also available to help determine how a company can immediately implement remote workflows.

Episodes can be found at