EditShare Makes Flow Remote Media Management Available for Free
March 24, 2020

EditShare Makes Flow Remote Media Management Available for Free

EditShare has outlined some of the steps it is taking to help its customers and partners continue to create and deliver their unique stories and keep their businesses running while working remotely. 

Flow is available for free. EditShare has made Flow, their remote media management platform, available for free, through July 1 to any content creator. Flow enables individuals as well as large creative workgroups to collaborate on story development with capabilities to perform extensive review and approval from anywhere in the world. Those interested can complete a form on EditShare's website, and one of EditShare’s Flow experts will follow up. 

Webinars . EditShare announced their series of interactive webinars, blogs, and demonstrations to facilitate discussions with their experts that will include tips and tools that can be utilized to help maintain productivity during these challenging times.

On Wednesday, March 25, at 9am EDT and 5pm PDT EditShare and industry partners including AWS will explore three different remote collaboration scenarios and how to implement them. Join the conversation to share your remote production experiences and ask questions.