Artist: Anna Ursyn

Anna Ursyn uses the computer on different levels: first, by drawing abstract geometric designs for executing her computer programs. Some of the computer programs produce two-dimensional images; others are three-dimensional. Then she adds photographic content using scanners and digital cameras. The programs that produce two-dimensional artwork serve as a point of departure for photolithographs and photo silk-screened prints on canvas and paper. They are included both into her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. All of these approaches are combined for image creation with the use of painterly markings. Natural order infuses several levels of both worlds: some determined by man and some determined by nature, she says. “It guides our understanding of big data sets related to network analysis, whether we employ physical analogies of the data, render the data graphically, and explore them ‘by eye’ or interact in real time,” continues Ursyn. She examines what technological and human worlds have in common. Her task is to juxtapose the regularity of nature with man's constructions, both physical and intellectual. She aims to develop messages using sets of images that become symbols, in a way similar to the sets of words constructing sentences. Same images gain different meaning in various contexts. Ursyn is a professor, and heads the Computer Graphics Area in the School of Art & Design at the University of Northern Colorado. Her portfolio can be found online at