Artist: Underwater Scene

"Underwater Scene"

Sim Pern Chong studied industrial design in Australia and Singapore, where he now resides. "I am an industrial designer by profession. However, my 3D modeling and rendering skills from my main job seem to have created some 'side-effects,' " he quips, "as I am also using them for creating science fiction images as a hobby."

This scene from Chong's Web site ( was created and rendered in TrueSpace 2. The submersible was modeled in Rhino 3D 1.0. The fish were ready-made models. Photopaint was used for some image touch-ups. Chong says, "I prefer to use 'low-end programs,' as I feel that underdogs should have their glory days as well."

The graphic was created on a Pentium 200 digital laptop with 96 MB RAM.