Artist: Mario Sughi

Mario Sughi is an Italian illustrator, cartoonist, and historian, living and working in Dublin. He is a member of the IGI (Illustrators Guild of Ireland) and AI (Associazione Illustratori Italiani) and the author of nerosunero  ( In Rome, at the end of the ’70s, Sughi worked as a humorist in Italian satirical magazine and also spent time watching his father, Alberto Sughi, as he painted beautiful large canvasses in his studio. He moved to Dublin, where he studied Medieval History and achieved a PhD from Trinity College Dublin. “My illustrations are satirical in humor and minimalist in style,” says Sughi. “They have been published in international exhibition catalogs, magazines, and art galleries. This year, LÜRZER'S ARCHIVE included one of my works in the compilation, "200 best illustrators worldwide 2009.” Some time ago, the American Web site Paintalicious wrote: "Mario Sughi, or as he's more commonly known, Nerosunero, is a digital cartoonist/illustrator from Italy who combines subtle humorous elements with a consistent loose artistic style that's reminiscent of English Pop artist David Hockney." Sughi was very pleased, as David Hockney is one of his heroes. All of Sughi’s final works are inkjet-printed computer drawings on paper. “I made them on a PC using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (CS4), working with a Wacom Intuos 3 A4 graphic tablet. I really enjoy my work and I hope I will enjoy it even more in future!”