Artist: Luca Nemolato

Luca Nemolato, is born in Naples, Italy in 1991. He is a an italian Concept Artist , CG Modeler & Texture Artist for Films, Video Games,Commercials and Tv Shows.He has professional experiences as Illustrator,Concept Artist, Modeler & Texture Artist working both in Italy and USA and he has also three years of experience as a Tattoo Artist.He is currently working at The Aaron Sims Company as Concept Artist, CG Modeler & Texture Artist from two years.Some of his professional works are Movies, Video Games, Tv Shows and Commercials such as : The Conjuring, I Frankenstein ,Jupiter Ascending, 300:Rise of an Empire, Edge of Tomorrow, Falling Skies and USDA Hungry Pests and more.

He graduated at the "Artistic Lyceum of Naples", in Italy in 2010 specializing in Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.He also attendend serveral courses at the "Gnomon School of Visual Effects" in Los Angeles,Ca in 2012 , specializing in Character and Creature Design, CG Modeling & Texture

Luca Nemolato