Artist: Jason A. Laramie

Jason A. Laramie is a certified medical illustrator (CMI) and designer. He earned a BA in Medical Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology, which included structural gross anatomy coursework at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. Currently a Professional Member of the Association of Medical Illustrators, Laramie specializes in visual communication for Health Sciences Education. He is experienced in medical and technical illustration for publication and presentation, posters, display graphics, print collateral, and Web design. His client list includes private, commercial, and major medical education institutions, such as Dartmouth Medical School, University of Washington, Oregon Health & Sciences University, and University of Southern California, Keck School of Medicine. Ever since Laramie was introduced to the computer he has been on a Mac. The Adobe Creative Suite is the main cog of Laramie 's computer graphics machine, however, he also produces using Cinema 4D for graphics that call for a primordial cleanliness and a 3D look and feel. In the periphery, Laramie uses a Wacom Intuos 2 graphic tablet and both Apple and Samsung displays. For more of Jason A. Laramie’s artwork, visit