Artist: Honorable Mention

Users of Caligari's (Mountain View, CA) trueSpace software have the chance to showcase their artwork-and receive recognition from their peers-by submitting images for Caligari's digital art contest. Each month Caligari chooses a winner, runner-up, and honorable mentions from an average of 200 entries created primarily with its trueSpace product. The images are posted on the company's Web site, and the winners are awarded prizes such as free software and graphics cards.

The contest-intended to show the features of trueSpace through the talents of its users-has been running for two years, with the number of submissions increasing monthly, says Caligari president/CEO Roman Ormandy, who chooses the winners based on composition and lighting.

Some of the 1998 contest winners are featured here. Additional images are posted in the print version of the February Computer Graphics World or at CGW.