Artist: Sandro Ghezzani

Sandro Ghezzani is an Italian architect, graduated at the University of Florence, and lives in Italy. He is specialized in bio-architecture and acoustic analysis/project. He is working in a studio made by a team of qualified architects, operating in all areas of project and all around Italy. “Years ago,” says Ghezzani, “I had occasion to read a CG publication. It showed amazing images, made with great skills, so I decided to learn more. Until that moment I have used Autodesk’s AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, and Autodesk’s 3ds Max to illustrate my projects, but I never have reached good quality.” Ghezzani started surfing the Web, searching for tutorials, training e-books, etc. and chose to improve his skills in 3ds Max and Photoshop. “It was, and actually it is an interesting way to make experiments with form, light and materials” he says. He practiced in all his spare time and occasionally found some works to test his skills. He realized some commercial and residential interiors and stills for video illustrations. Actually he uses the 3d potential for illustrate his projects, but also to realize accurate physical building simulation.

"We can predict all bio-climatic and acoustic aspect from the concept step to executive project and we can control all single element to improve energetic behavior and comfort. My personal CG images are different for many reasons. In some, you can find much dirt and bump, other ones are flat and clean. I like modern interiors, minimal architecture, especially the Japanese one, but at the same time I like to represent medieval towns, old materials, for this I can find lot of very beautiful references here in Tuscany. The root of all this is the perception of things and nature, which goes beyond the style and architectural movement. This way of thinking is also reflected in my project method. It is not only the appearance, also if it is very important to communicate with people who will interact with the building, but it is fundamental to being able to operate the whole architecture system. Architecture interacts with all the sense. I like photography and I never go out without my camera. I think that to observe reality is the first step and the more important in CG.”

Ghezzani’s favorite subjects are landscapes, contemporary buildings, old towns, and nature. “The common element is always the light. I love to study light color, position, and to observe how it interacts with material and geometry,” says Ghezzani. “I am also interested in character modeling, rigging, etc. and if my spare time allows it, I want to realize some short movies. In the future, I hope to be able to conciliate my passion for architecture with that for computer graphics. My current goal is to center my career on these aspects." Ghezzani’s portfolio is offered online at A tutorial about his work “The Old Fox” is available online at under “complete project making of.”