Artist: Fly Fishing

"Fly Fishing"

Our October/November artist is Maureen Mulvihill. She begins her creative process with the development of an original abstract slide using color gels and colored foil reflecting into silver or gold Mylar foil. Varying distances and crushed surfaces lend to a twisted and 3D pattern. After scanning the 35mm slides into Adobe Systems' Photoshop, she blends with all the different modes in Photoshop and masks the unwanted areas. Surrealistic images take shape as she mixes two different slides together, while blocking certain colors. The reverse of one layer meeting the original layer in the middle of the page creates symmetry. "I believe my art is created by nature," says Mulvihill. "I can't predict the weird twist of light in my original abstracts and I can't predict the final image. There are hidden pictures in all my work. The more complicated my images are the better the depth of nature is seen."
More of her artwork can be viewed online at