Artist: Fire Fountain

Artist Raji Barbir, originally from Lebanon, now lives in Belgium. He uses 3D Studio MAX 2.0 running on a PC with a 200MHz MMX processor and 48MB of RAM. Barbir has been working in 3D Studio MAX 2.0 for about a year.

In his own words: "3D Studio MAX 2.0 just keeps amazing me. It has its shortcomings, but it is a wonderful tool to work with! I used no paint program for any of these pictures--just Max".

The pieces called "Phone," "Now What?" and "Erica's Valentine" are my best and latest. "Phone" was created for a project I received from the Mormon Church. "Now what?" was created when I was feeling confused about life and didn't know what to do. I made "Erica's Valentine" for a good friend. The rest were just for fun or ideas that I came up with.