Artist: Electronic Paint

"Electronic Paint"

At the age of 19, Jesse Navara already is exhibiting considerable talent. He presently is pursuing a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin--Eau Claire. Computer art has been a hobby of his for years. Jesse began by experimenting with Aldus Photostyler on a 486, and then moved on to Adobe Photoshop. He also attained some 3D modeling knowledge, although he does not consider it one of his stronger skills. Although he has never received formal training with graphics software, Jesse participated in a three-month internship at an animation studio, where he became acquainted with Alias's Maya and Softimage XSI. As for hardware, Jesse works on a 2.4GHz Pentium 4 with 1024MB of RAM. This collection of his images, both original and completely computer-generated, were created using Photoshop Versions 6 and CS. He also employed an old beta of Rhino3D for parts of "T-rex" and "Sunset."