Artist: Egyptian Women Statue

"Egyptian Women Statue"

Asif Siddiqui is said to be naturally inclined towards the creative aspects of life and philosophy. Born in the port capital of Karachi, Asif later graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the age of 22. From the onset of his teenage years, he has always been fascinated by aesthetic designs, whether architectural, mechanical, industrial, or supernatural. Aesthetically inclined, Asif has always strived to create the desirable, and this interest led him to study, learn, and ultimately pursue a career as a 3D modeler/animator. His skills and perseverance led to him being nicknamed after the famous TV cartoon personality Dexter, from Dexter's Lab. Because of Asif's determination to create, he has always made time for his childhood passion, 3D graphics. In addition to working in the lighting and rendering arena, Asif finds time to take part in international 3D Art Galleries and Competitions.