Artist: Child's Book

"Child's Book"

Brook Slane attends high school in Wisconsin. He is self-taught in Photoshop and has been accepted to college, where he plans to major in graphic design. In addition to creating art electronically, Slane also likes to create art using traditional media. But there are advantages to CG art, he says: "I love painting, but I like painting on Photoshop even more because there are almost no limitations. It's also great because you never run out of paint." :)

Slane created this graphic in Photoshop as a cover for a book about a boy who draws pictures and then imagines himself in the situations. "I wanted it to look cheerful but not to make the colors too saturated," Slane explains. "I overlayed and color burned textures such as paper bags, blankets, wood, rock, and other texturally interesting objects....It was challenging to create an image that is well done but still looks as if a child made it."

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