Artist: Bryan J. Spilski

Bryan J. Spilski, a flexo press operator turned CG artist, is currently attending school in the field of Graphic Arts at NWTC in Greenbay, Wisconsin. He took one semester of 3D Modeling and Fundementals using Autodesk’s Maya, and now uses Autodesk’s 3ds max and loves it. Aside from that singular class, Spilski is self-taught through “trial and error, trial and succeed,” he says. Having been modeling for roughly a year and a half, he now works for 3AM Design ( in Menasha, Wisconsin. Previously, he worked as a flexo press operator for eight years. “I decided to get out and chase a dream that I have had since I was a youngster: to become an animator/CG artist.” Spilski is inspired by vision and the ability see. “I look at things in great detail with every waking day,” he explains. Modeling studios that inspire him the most are DreamWorks and Blue Sky Studios. He relies on 3ds Max and Adobe PhotoShop to create his artwork.