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Our January artist is Ivan Domeyko, who studied Fine Arts in Santiago, Chile, and Computer Graphics and Animation techniques in California, Brazil, and New York throughout the 1980s. Since that time, he has directed six animated short films, been involved in various computer graphics and animation projects, and worked on television, broadcast graphics, digital compositing, and animated film productions. "My background in Fine Arts leads me to use traditional art tools sometimes as a starting point, drawing in paper with charcoal and pencil, then scanning it into the computer to transform the art in different ways, until something reveals itself.", explains Domeyko. "Another approach to the digital canvas is to create directly from the stylus--sketching, drawing, and painting onto the screen, allowing me to capture the energy involved with crayons, pastels, watercolors, brushes, inks, and chalks." Fascinated by the computer as a tool for the creative process, Domeyko mentions, "You can merge and manipulate scanned sketches, draw, animate, or paint directly on the screen with a pressure-sensitive tablet, capturing the moment with a wide range of digital tools." Of the creative process, he says, "The cycle is complete when the final result is shared with others, a connection between the screen or canvas and the observer, a step ahead in their own signs, sounds, and images." For his art, Domeyko relies on Painter, Adobe Photoshop, Alias Systems' Maya, and Discreet combustion on a 1GHz PC equipped with a Wacom pressure-sensitive tablet. Domeyko makes his living as a freelance digital artist/designer in film, TV, and press productions, as well as selling his digital images printed on an Epson Stylus Photo 820 in six colors (CcMmYK) and at 5760x720dpi resolution on matte or glossy professional photo paper. To view and order his artwork, visit

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