Artist: Beauty in Serenity

"Beauty in Serenity"

Bill Green grew up in Arkansas and studied art under local artist Joyce Burnes. After receiving his Bachelor's degree in Art with an emphasis in Computer Animation from Southwest Missouri State University, Green moved to California to work as a 3D artist for a dot-com company. He later accepted a job at Page 44 Studios in San Francisco, where he served as a lead lighter on EA Sports' Freekstyle PS2/Gamecube game. Soon after, at Shaba Games in San Francisco, he was an artist for the PS2/X-box game titled Wakeboarding Unleashed. Today, he resides in beautiful Bend, Oregon, where he serves as character artist for Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain, a Sony game for the PS2. Living in Oregon affords Green the opportunity to fish and avoid the craziness of city life. In his spare time, he likes to create 3D images, although he typically doesn't spend more than a day on each one. And Green is in the process of creating a series of wildlife art, such as the Brown Trout image included here. Green creates his images in Alias' Maya, NewTek's LightWave, and Discreet's 3ds max on a workstation equipped with an AMD processor and a 1.7GHz processor. He turns to Lightwave for the shaders and rendering and either 3ds max or Maya for the modeling. Visit, to see more of Green's work.