Artist: Autumn Kimono

Although digital art has long been accepted in the commercial and entertainment arenas, it has been slow to find acceptance in the fine arts community. But times are changing-last year the Sausalito Art Festival became the first nationally recognized festival to promote a digital arts category. This year, the fair's Computer Pavilion featured works by 10 of the nation's most highly recognized digital artists. "The idea was to invite artists whose name recognition and credentials would help to assure the public that computer artists were in fact 'real' artists whose works have been recognized by museums, galleries, and publications," says artist Ken Milburn, curator of the show.

The artists were also chosen based on their varying styles so the public could see the range of works that computer graphics are capable of producing. While most of the artists use a variety of software tools, all of them chose MetaCreations' Painter and Adobe Photoshop for at least some portion of their work. For additional images, see the December issue of CGW. For more information about the images or the festival, email Ken Milburn at CGW.