Artist: Alien Heart Surgery

"Alien Heart Surgery"

John Vega is a digital artist living in Boulder, Colorado. A veteran of 20 years in commercial new media, Vega has earned awards as a top interface designer and motion graphics (animation) artist. His clients comprise such Fortune 500 companies as Apple, GE, IBM, Sprint, and Janus. In 2001, Vega sold his design business Dancing Image Interactive ( to Barnhart Advertising of Denver and changed course. He studied fantastic realism with Robert Venosa and began to explore connections between the metaphysical and digital, pioneering the award-winning Net art FILMTEXT with Mark Amerika. Vega also collaborated with Net artists Keith and Mendi Obadike (The Sour Thunder). In addition to shows at major electronic art festivals, including SIGGRAPH and FILE, Vega's Net art and digital visionary art can be found in several online galleries and exhibitions. He serves on the advisory board for the CU-Denver College of Arts and Media (for digital animation) and as Senior Instructor of Digital Arts at CU-Boulder.