Artist: Alexander Kruglov

Alexander Kruglov, now a 50-year-old man living in Russia, some years ago bought a video-capture board. Although the board was rather expensive and rare at that time, Kruglov wanted very much to manipulate and elaborate on his photographs using computer technology. After becoming accustomed to, and quite fond of using, Adobe Photoshop, he created his first image, which contained only three layers. Today, however, Kruglov employs more than 100 layers in his works. 
"My new hobby was so exciting, that I forgot about my previous hobbies," recalls Kruglov. "I bought a digital camera to get a freedom in realization of my ideas and came to learn photography. Now I make photos rather well and I have interesting images."
Formerly a mechanic at a petrochemical plant, Kruglov is now a freelance artist who works with all kinds of digital images, including illustrations for magazines.

To create his images, Kruglov employs Adobe Photoshop, a Canon 350D digital camera, and a Wacom pressure-sensitive tablet with program Painter. Among his favorite tools are brushes and liquify and distort filters in Photoshop.
To date, Kruglov's library includes more than 3000 original digital images. His favorite artists are Dali, Fedotov, Pirosmani, and digital artist Alessandro Bavari.

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