Artist: Jiri Adamec

A little about me: "His first success was with the picture Afro man, which was utilized by many foreign publications and journal covers on the subject of 3D graphics.Until now his works has appeared in about 50 foreign or home journals and publications.One of the greatest acknowledgements he has received was in Expose3, in which he garnered Award Excellence in the Cityspace category for his picture Fantasy Life, then he received recognition for the picture Peacock Woman in the book "Elemental 3- The world best Autodesk Art",which was chosen on the limited edition cover. Furthermore his has works appeared in books and journals including: Exotique, 3D Artist, 3D Art, Pixel, 3D User, 3Ds max Bible and many more. You can also find his work on feature films such as The Nutcracker in 3D, Season of the Witch (starring Nicolas Cage), and The International."