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  •" title="Meet Looking Glass Portrait" rel="bookmark" target="_blank">Meet Looking Glass Portrait" title="Meet Looking Glass Portrait" class="title" target="_blank">Meet Looking Glass Portrait

    What if we told you that viewing holograms of your best 3D creations and even real people is possible today, in 2021? What if we told you that you could own your own personal holographic display, for less than it would cost to buy an Xbox? 

    Meet Looking Glass Portrait, your first personal holographic display. Made by the team at Looking Glass Factory, this radically lightweight and portable holographic display was designed for 3D artists of all kinds to view their creations in real-time 3D as they work. It supports Unity, Unreal Engine, Blender, Maya, and more.

    Powered by Looking Glass Factory's proprietary light field display technology, Looking Glass Portrait generates between 45 to 100 views of a three-dimensional scene and projecting those perspectives simultaneously. Unlike any display that has come before it or in the market today, multiple users can gather around a Looking Glass Portrait to see different super stereoscopic perspectives without glasses or a headset.

    You don't even need to know how to program to use this holographic display. That smartphone in your pocket can also make holograms. Any smartphone Portrait Mode photo can be sent directly to Looking Glass Portrait for easy and immediate viewing. Further, that analog photo of your haircut from the 80's can be turned into a hologram too.

    Of Looking Glass Portrait, CNET says: "This desktop 3D viewer could be another way to get one step closer to a Star Wars-like hologram popping up on your desk."

    VentureBeat says "[Looking Glass] Portrait's announcement is significant to technical decision makers because holographic 3D interfaces have rapidly graduated from science fiction to science fact." 

    If you're wondering if it can really be that easy to bring 3D creations to life as holograms, or if you're really the type of person that could own their own personal holographic display....the answer is yes. If you're ready to make your very own personal holograms, pre-order for $100 off at Special early price ends 1/14/2021!

  • Give Your Artists the Storage Environment They Need to Maximize Creativity & Productivity
    Give Your Artists the Storage Environment They Need to Maximize Creativity & Productivity

    How can you keep pace with skyrocketing demand for animation and visual effects (VFX) content? Your team must work together to deliver an increasing number of shots in high-resolution formats, whether your artists share an office or are spread across the globe. Quantum storage solutions help you address these requirements through seamless integration with leading animation and VFX tools-giving your team the tools to maximize productivity and meet the tightest deadlines.

    With speed and collaboration, your artists are able to hit tight deadlines with exceptional quality. Quantum Xcellis® high-performance workflow storage can provide a responsive user experience even when working with large files. F-Series NVMe storage can maximize the performance benefits of flash without the high costs of previous-generation systems. Plus, facilitate collaboration among artists, wherever they're located. StorNext provides a single-namespace environment for centralized media creation and distribution on a global level. Support for a wide range of client systems and applications enables your artists to work the way they want.

  • Xsens Launches #HomeCap Campaign To Support Artists Transition To Mocap From Home
    Xsens Launches #HomeCap Campaign To Support Artists Transition To Mocap From Home

    The Xsens #HomeCap campaign aims to turn the spotlight onto 'motion capture in the home', celebrate artists who have already made the transition to a home-based studio, and inspire others without access to studio facilities to keep their productions moving forward.

    Join talent from Epic Games, Tencent, iQiyi, Ninja Theory, The Mill, Method Studios and Double Negative who have already transitioned to working with Xsens technology in the home and are getting studio-quality results.

    We added an overview of all webinars, tips, cases, blogs, offers, tutorials and anything else we have in the #HomeCap campaign.

  • Let's Talk. Free Consultation for 3D Architectural Renderings, Animations & Virtual Tours
    Let's Talk. Free Consultation for 3D Architectural Renderings, Animations & Virtual Tours

    Reaching out to your customers virtually is vital these days. What visuals really work? Do I need an animation or are 3D renderings enough to sell the project? What exactly are virtual tours, VR, AR, and interactive presentations and do I really need any of the cutting-edge technology? Since 2006, we have helped clients navigate what works within the world of architectural 3D visuals and back it up with case studies. 

    During this time, we are offering a no-hassle, all help initial consultation on what you can do to visually stay ahead of the competition. Visit our architectural rendering gallery at and give us a call at 941-953-3327. Let's talk.

  • Wormhole

    Wormhole is a collaborative pipeline management tool for creative studios designed and developed by groups of former producers and artists to deliver the best collaboration experiences across number of teams in and out of studios. 
    VFX, animation production pipelines have many variables.

    The wormhole was designed based on the opinions of VFX and animation production companies.
    · Main page supports inline editing such as Excel
    · Desktop plug-in support for interworking with local servers (multi-platform support)
    · Provide mobile review tool for iPhone
    · Fast response with Linux-based installation server (Centos7 or higher, distributed with Docker)
    · Support web hook basic settings for user customization
    o Used for web hooks: Python, Nginx, Flask, Uwsgi, MariaDB, Docker
    · Provide basic API source library for business messenger (rocket_chat)
    · Support wormhole API for Python
    o Pypi: wh2api
    · Production of statistics and closing functions