GDC Roundup
Posted By Karen Moltenbrey| April 07, 2010
18,250. That is the number of attendees at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). A record. Not bad considering the drop in numbers at the other related trade shows during the past 12 months, including SIGGRAPH. Like always, GDC featured many software and hardware vendors showing off their products. I won’t list them here, but you can find the releases in the special News area dedicated to ...
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SIGGRAPH, Coming Soon
Posted By Terrence Masson| March 09, 2010
SIGGRAPH returns to LA this year - what will be new at the conference? There will be much excitement and great content as we return to Los Angeles. Dynamic changes in 2010 include the new SIGGRAPH Dailies! program celebrating excellence in computer graphics by showcasing behind the scenes work and the artists stories that enhance their extraordinary power and beauty. Contributors submitted short ( ...
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Jeff Kleiser Interview
Posted By Barbara Robertson| September 22, 2009
Interviewed Jeff Kleiser about Synthespians' work on Surrogates, and learned that he inadvertently provided a prop for the film. "I have a 1977 GMC motor home that I use for location work," he says. "It's my office, car and hotel room. So, I had it on location in Boston. There's a scene in the movie where the character The Prophet is supposed to have a Winnebago. The director saw my motor home and ...
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