Posted By Karen Moltenbrey| November 13, 2009
Will the world really end on December 21, 2012? Some doomsday followers believe it will. Others chuckle at the thought. But one thing is for sure, the end of days occurs with unbelievable death and destruction in the film 2012, released to theaters now. So, what’s the big deal about this date? On a vacation in the Yucatan Peninsula this past summer, we took a trip to Tulum, to see the ancient Maya ...
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A Christmas Carol
Posted By Karen Moltenbrey| November 06, 2009
Today, Disney is releasing the highly anticipated Disney’s A Christmas Carol, a stereoscopic 3D presentation of the Charles Dickens novella. In the past, the book prompted a stage presentation and even a 2D animated movie. But it is highly unlikely that any form of media will awe audiences like this one. The person behind the curtain on this project is director Robert Zemeckis and his ImageMovers ...
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C U Real Soon
Posted By Barbara Robertson| May 20, 2009
I woke up in a traveler’s nightmare. The blue numbers on my bedside clock blinked five-thirty. The letters OMG flashed in my head. I was screwed. I had to catch a five-forty airporter shuttle to make a seven o’clock flight. I had ten minutes. For a moment, time stood still. BAM, ZAP, ZOWIE. A thousand thoughts exploded in my sleepy brain. I could call in sick for Disney’s press briefing in Burbank ...
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