Lenovo Commits To Bringing VR Solutions To Pro Industries

Posted By Robert Herman on April 05, 2016 06:43 am | Permalink
Imagine opening the door of a gleaming new building and touring each floor before the groundbreaking even takes place. Or seeing every piece of an innovative new automotive engine powering a spectacular new car before the block is cast. Or using that new product before the first prototype is fabricated.

That's the reality of virtual reality. It's not just for blasting zombies in the gaming and entertainment world. It's for professional services, too. And it's big. Lenovo is leading the way to bringing the benefits of this revolutionary technology to professionals across industries including healthcare, product design, automotive, and architecture and engineering.

Today, at the annual NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, CA, Lenovo will be announcing it has joined with NVIDIA to provide a professional "VR Ready" solution. Lenovo's ThinkStation P500, P710 and P910 and its NVIDIA Quadro-recommended configurations are best-in-class for the ultimate highest-performing VR experience.

At the conference, Lenovo will join some of the world's top developers, scientists and researchers to showcase our latest advancements in virtual reality. Our commitment includes teaming directly with the leaders in VR, and that starts with WorldViz. WorldViz will join our booth this year to demo its Co-Presence VR Experience, featuring two users wearing an Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, interacting in the same virtual world through the VR Ready and Certified Lenovo ThinkStation P500. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in realistic environments that provide full freedom of movement, along with high-precision tracking. What sets WorldViz's solution apart is Vizard, its Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool, which allows you to quickly design and deploy your own interactive VR simulation.

The benefits of WorldViz's professional VR solutions, coupled with the power and reliability of a Lenovo workstation, will bring professionals in more industries unprecedented performance to bring their workflow into a virtual environment.

There are no limits to how virtual reality is changing the future of many professional industries. VR platforms provide researchers controlled and replicable experimental setups and allow enhanced manipulation that would be impossible in real-life scenarios. In the architecture, engineering and construction industries, VR solutions enable professionals to literally walk through their models at full scale and enhance communications and collaboration across teams - reducing design costs and shortening time to market. And when it comes to manufacturing, VR is transforming evaluation of prototypes and training methods - streamlining the creation and visualization of 3D content for product review, testing and training. 

To learn more about Lenovo's Professional VR initiative, visit www.thinkworkstations.com/products/virtualreality.