Recent Blog Posts in April 2016

  • GTC 2016 - The Future Is Here

    Posted By Karen Moltenbrey

    SAN JOSE, CA - The Nvidia GTC conference kicked off in San Jose, and the first day proved to be quite impressive. In fact, I was won over during the first two hours, which was when Nvidia co-founder/CEO Jen-Hsun Huang delivered his keynote speech. ... Continue reading "GTC 2016 - The Future Is Here" »

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  • Lenovo Commits To Bringing VR Solutions To Pro Industries

    Posted By Robert Herman

    Imagine opening the door of a gleaming new building and touring each floor before the groundbreaking even takes place. Or seeing every piece of an innovative new automotive engine powering a spectacular new car before the block is cast. Or using that ... Continue reading "Lenovo Commits To Bringing VR Solutions To Pro Industries" »

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