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  • Click. Click. Virtual Reality

    Posted By karen

    From Autodesk We all crave instant gratification. Back in the day, "on demand" definitely didn't exist. Rewind and fast forward were the closest we came. Today, things are different. Businesses like Netflix and ZipCar offer immediate access. In 2016, ... Continue reading "Click. Click. Virtual Reality" »

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  • Nvidia Ups The Ante For VR & Design With New GPU

    Posted By Bob Pette

    We're showing the extraordinary power of the new Quadro Pascal platform for artists, designers and animators at this week's SIGGRAPH conference, the world's largest event for computer graphics. We're launching the most powerful workstation GPU, and ... Continue reading "Nvidia Ups The Ante For VR & Design With New GPU" »

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  • Kraken 1.2 for Fabric Engine

    Posted By Eric Thivierge

    Early this year we released Kraken 1.1 which provided compatibility with Fabric 2.0. A lot has happened since then and this post will let you know all about the latest and greatest update, Kraken 1.2. In a nutshell, Kraken is an Open Source rigging ... Continue reading "Kraken 1.2 for Fabric Engine" »

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  • Dell Powers 'The Angry Birds Movie'

    Posted By Karl Paetzel

    In advance of the movie's release, Dell co-hosted an event with NVIDIA and Sony Pictures Imageworks in Los Angeles, featuring a panel discussion on the technology and creative process behind the film followed by a VIP screening for our customers and ... Continue reading "Dell Powers 'The Angry Birds Movie'" »

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  • GTC 2016 - The Future Is Here

    Posted By Karen Moltenbrey

    SAN JOSE, CA - The Nvidia GTC conference kicked off in San Jose, and the first day proved to be quite impressive. In fact, I was won over during the first two hours, which was when Nvidia co-founder/CEO Jen-Hsun Huang delivered his keynote speech. ... Continue reading "GTC 2016 - The Future Is Here" »

    April 6, 2016 | Permalink

  • Lenovo Commits To Bringing VR Solutions To Pro Industries

    Posted By Robert Herman

    Imagine opening the door of a gleaming new building and touring each floor before the groundbreaking even takes place. Or seeing every piece of an innovative new automotive engine powering a spectacular new car before the block is cast. Or using that ... Continue reading "Lenovo Commits To Bringing VR Solutions To Pro Industries" »

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