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Posted By Lya Beatriz Pelegrini on July 22, 2013 10:27 am | Permalink
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São Paulo State University (Unesp)/ Public Relations/ Sophomore

This is my first time in SIGGRAPH After the long time waiting, this week SIGGRAPH begins!

For some Students Volunteers, it has already started. On July 19, some of them applied to take pre-conference shifts, helping to setup, filling bags and do other kinds of jobs - making the tasks easier for the people arriving the next day- Just kidding!

But not kidding, for sure the attendees will see a lot of cool and interesting stuff. Everybody will like it a lot!!

As one of the guys who worked during the pre-conference, it was a really good opportunity to start to meet people and get to know more about the Anaheim Convention Center and the event.

On Saturday, July 20, every Student Volunteer, except for the one who were on-duty - poor guys! -, could meet each other at the Orientation, which was remarkable, starting with colorful balls floating on the top of everybody's head. Just the funniest way to get started!

During the Orientation, the SVs could see the faces of the people who make everything in SIGGRAPH and for the Students Volunteer possible. The sentiment of thankfulness gained a face, without them we could not be here - and we wouldn't be able to see and gain so many cool experiences and get to know so many interesting, weird, funny, different people. And of course, we love to gain tea pots and promotional items (swag)--yes, students volunteers can be easily won over with a poster).

Then the Orientation ended and everybody went home to sleep...  Really? Of course no! I was just joking a little!

After the end of the Orientation, all the SVs - and in this time it was really ALL of them - had the opportunity to meet four of the greatest people in the animation and graphics with awesome stories to tell about their work and, most important, the stories of their lives. They really had experiences to advise anyone about their careers and life!

Two fantastic days to start SIGGRAPH 2013 as a Student Volunteer... just inspiring!

Now everybody knows that spectacular things are going to happen in the next days and the only thought I can have is I'm proud to be SV!