Cloud Computing: How GPUs will Change Your CG Dreams

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The Dream

Here is my dream. I want the hardware to be able to calculate liquid and smoke simulations in real time and near real time updates with lighting changes. I want to be able to handle immensely complicated scenes without the viewport screeching to a halt, and without having to constantly hide things from view that then take even longer to un-hide again. Many of you may be thinking, well you can get that capability now. There are a few companies that specialize in creating workstations for the 3D animation and visual effects industry. This is true, but my dream is to be able to do this from anywhere in the world with a decent internet connection. To hop from train to train in Europe perhaps from France, to Germany, and on down to Italy without lugging a giant expensive desktop computer or an even more expensive laptop that almost makes my baggage exceed weight limits. I dream of a simple, light weight travel solution, without losing efficiency and productivity, and perhaps a warm beach and a cool drink.

The Reality

Companies like boxx have built desktop workstations that make apple fan boys jump up and down with excitement like it is Christmas morning. With NVIDIA's Maximus GPU system that became available last year workstations are able to provide immense boost in efficiency and productivity.

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