Kickstarter: 'Baby Snakes'

Posted By  on October 15, 2012 08:22 am | Permalink
Fundar, a newly formed interactive game studio that brings "all ages fun and casual games" to market, has put "Baby Snakes" on its Kickstarter crowd funding page. "Baby Snakes" is the follow-up casual game to "Snake Mayhem," one of the first classic mobile games from the beginning of the mobile game era.  

As a Kickstarter sponsor, partners will be able to help fund this proven business model for the booming casual mobile gaming market.  All "Baby Snakes" Kickstarter funding partners will receive a version of the finished game-with new version upgrades and merchandise bonuses for premium funding, including "Baby Snakes" T-shirt apparel and toys

"Baby Snakes" introduces a character-based puzzle-story/adventure with an appealing, all-ages baby theme for most smartphone and touch devices (iPhone, Android, select Tablets). Players select their favorite Baby Snake, boy or girl, with different power capabilities. Controlling "Baby Snakes" through animated levels is as easy as pointing with one finger. As the Baby Snakes grow, players must avoid running into animated challenges, creatures, and even their own tail. With increasingly difficult scrolling levels-the main objective of "Baby Snakes" is to eat all the pellets and powers-ups to achieve a high score. 

"As the creator of 'Snake Mayhem,' I always wanted to produce a more robust, animated adventure game, but we were limited to the mobile technology of the day," said Eric Prince, founder of Fundar Games and executive producer for Baby Snakes. "Through Kickstarter and a whole new group of funding partners, we're happy to announce to our fans that we are bringing the familiar and loved game play of 'Snake Mayhem' to market with 'Baby Snakes'-now updated to match my original vision for a 'Snakes' game with a whole new cast of super cute and loveable characters." 

"Baby Snakes" provides four different (Tougher, Slower, Faster, More Power) Baby Snakes to choose from. Players are challenged to navigate their Baby Snakes through increasingly difficult story-based levels. Baby Snakes must avoid animated obstacles, walls, and creatures, while solving puzzle challenges. Baby Snakes compete for high scores by eating pellets and power-ups, to win real-world prizes through in-game achievements.  

Baby Snakes is seeking support funding now on Kickstarter. "Baby Snakes" is expected to be available for iPhone, Android and various tablets in December 2012.