Jeff Kleiser Interview

Posted By Barbara Robertson on September 22, 2009 10:00 am | Permalink
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Interviewed Jeff Kleiser about Synthespians' work on Surrogates, and
learned that he inadvertently provided a prop for the film. "I have a
1977 GMC motor home that I use for location work," he says. "It's my
office, car and hotel room. So, I had it on location in Boston. There's
a scene in the movie where the character The Prophet is supposed to have
a Winnebago. The director saw my motor home and said, 'I want that one.
Can we rent it?" I said, 'Sure, if you give me an office, a hotel room,
a car, and a rental fee." And, they did. So look for Kleiser's motor
home in the film and maybe someday, Kleiser laughs, on eBay.

Look for the feature story about the digital work on Surrogates in the
October issue of CGW.