Alien Action

Posted By Karen Moltenbrey on October 14, 2009 10:43 am | Permalink
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For those who missed the chance to see the amazing alien action played out in Monsters vs. Aliens, now’s your chance. Recently, the film hit the DVD market.

While there has been a ton of talk about just when and how stereo 3D will arrive at the home, this revolution is happening, albeit slowly. But DreamWorks is helping its progression, as is BOB, the lovable character from Monsters vs. Aliens. The “Ginormous Double DVD Pack” gives us the laughs from the feature film. It also gives us “BOB’s Big Break” both in 2D and in “Monster 3D.” The latter option can be experienced using the 3D glasses included in the DVD set.

If you didn’t see the movie in theaters, do it now. If you did see it once, then see it again.